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Hello, I do not have children so I cannot speak for the issues of dealing with them at home and that frustration. However I am a Peewee Cheer coach with ADHD. I understand all too well the enormous amounts of items we have to remember for practices and games and competition and just how overwhelming it is. I do have some children on my cheer team that also have ADD/ADHD. Something I do for them is I create a luggage tag for them. One side has listed everything they need for practice, the other side for games. Then for competition I give them a larger sheet they can attach because those items change periodically. These attach to the zipper of their bag so they are not having to keep track of a separate list. I laminate both so that if need be they can use a dry erase marker to physically check off when they pack it. This has helped tremendously for the girls to feel more prepared and responsible, and the parents have loved it because they do not have to keep remembering everything that needs to be packed at all times as well. You may want to talk to the dance/cheer coach to see if they could give you list of everything and then you make your own tag. Or while the parents are waiting during practice they could bond together by making them.

You could also talk to the teacher and letting her know of the ADD/ADHD issues and maybe they can come up with a better way of relaying last minute details so that you don’t miss anything or forget something important.

I hope this helps.