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I’ve always heard that in life sometimes we are victimized, but it’s our choice whether we want to be a victim (aka let that person or thing keep torturing us). Yes, it’s true that I can (more so in the past) come off as a maladjusted adult. I know it’s my adhd, BUT because I know this, it’s my responsibility to find creative work around for things like remembering my keys, appointments, meds, bills, etc. when I have to do something boring, just say ok do 5-minutes, and then I actually end up doing it!! There are also so many benefits to my adhd-it’s the sole reason I’m good at my job! I’m a computer and I do exploratory analysis with statistical modeling/data science. I get to think big, and my boss loves that. He also knows I struggle with follow through bc I get distracted my more big ideas that spawn. He suggested I write them down, and we go over at end of week! And he (in a gentle way) keeps me accountable on follow-through. Adhd doesn’t have to be all glum jnlsss we want it to be!! My case is so severe that I could be on much higher doses of meds, but heck I don’t want that!! I just wanna take some things and rid of the painful hyperactivity that causes me to pace 17 hours a day, and thoughts SO fast I can’t speak properly, but I still love my thoughts, just meds slow then down just enough that I can “grab” them. I don’t want linear thinking. I have to remember there are positives. I’m saying this for myself mainly haha. But SO good to know I’m not alone!!!!!? There are others like me, and like someone said I can try out different suggestions—like a blend. Some work great, some don’t. And that’s ok!