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I’m just wondering what country you’re in?

Also, as the other member mentioned – if you have an assistant, let them assist you with this. If you explain your situation to them then they will understand this is important (eventhough it’s not exclusively work related – it CAN affect your work indirectly so you two should try and tackle it asap)

If you’re in Australia I could help you.

Otherwise I suggest you see your usual doctor, OR your psych that diagnosed you with ADHD, and tell them you want to start trying medication… I was given a prescription the very first day I was diagnosed. So glad I did that.
I didn’t seem to have any trouble with tests etc.

Make the appt for 3months time. That way, you’ll at least have a back up incase you can’t get what you want by then.
The 3months away appt can be your “plan b” while you’re searching elsewhere, but I suggest you at least get your name on that list so you don’t lose any more time.

My name is Serena by the way 🙂
Nice to meet you.