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I’m a psychotherapist who works primarily with children and adolescents with ADHD, have mild ADHD myself and have a house full of ADHD spouse and kids. I recommend two things: First, Mindfulness practice helps. It is called a PRACTICE because nobody is just magically great at it. Take a look at the book Meditation For the Fidgety Skeptic, written by Dan Harris. He is also an ABC News anchor who learned mindfulness after having a panic attack on air. You can get a peek at his approach by searching name and title on youtube as well. Research shows that, over time, just 5 minutes of mindfulness practice a day actually changes your brain. Add in some yoga and another 25 minutes of mindfulness a day and you will achieve these results in much less time.

Second, if you are ready to try medication, neuropsychological testing is often a thing doctors will require, especially from adults who were not diagnosed or treated as children. Your best bet is to go to the website of the major University Medical Center closest to you and search Neuropsychologist in the “find a physician” area. Get on several wait lists as well as schedule an appointment, and be willing to take a day off of work on short notice; many evaluations are cancelled because lots of people are doing just what I suggest, which opens up spaces for people on waiting lists. An alternative might be to schedule an appointment for psychotherapy with a therapist who specializes in ADHD at a clinic with a psychiatrist on staff; you may be able to skip the testing and get right to the prescribing after a brief assessment by a therapist. Download and complete the ASDS and bring it with you to your first appointment. is the link. It’s a brief Adult ADHD screening tool that’s well researched and commonly accepted.

I also LOVE the color coded Excel sheet idea! I’ll do that for myself as soon as I learn how to! Thanks!

Good Luck,
Julie Fish, MA, LLP