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Loaded question. FYI, I’m 48.
When I’m good, I rely on 1 paper / many lists.
3 columns (1,2,3)
1 (RED)- A projects / needs to be done this week or today / do it in excel as it is easier to move items around / BOLD letters or colors for critical needs
2 (Yellow) – B projects (really sidelined A projects) / working on or keeping an eye one
3a (Green) – C projects – things you are thinking of and don’t want to forget. Likely to become an A or B when it is closer to critical.
3b (Blue) – PERSONAL – items you need to remember for yourself
I also color coded my excel headers in pure red, yellow, green, and blue. My tasks then fell under the columns which had color headings.
As time moves on, As will get checked off and replaced with new targets for the week. Bs naturally will move into As or get finished and moved off.
Cs often hang around and either get reprioritized or eliminated over time.
Whenever anything gets more critical – reassess, should they be A B or C
When you get overwhelmed, do A1, A2, A3 by priority level. When working as an executive, I always had more than 1 priority being tossed at me at work.

Steven Covey has a great system to learn from as well.