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I’ve really enjoyed reading all these answers. It’s given me some hope and ideas. We’ll definitely get him to go to community college and lighten up his workload initially. After high school next year we’ll allow him to start community college in the spring rather than the fall just so he can take a breather and regroup. He’s been wanting to do Game Development for a long time so that’s what he wants his major to be once he transfers to a four-year college. During his break between high school and community college he’ll take a course or two at private institutions in an area of game dev.
Now, it’s a matter of helping him to ensure he graduates. He’s a bright kid, but has zero motivation nor studies and it’s hit or miss whether he turns in homework. When he does study, which is rare, he gets phenomenal grades. He keeps a 100 GPA in his game dev. class though which is his passion. Each year he scrapes by without the need of summer school or repeating and each year I’m a nervous wreck and a crazed woman as I’m constantly on at him. If I left him to his own devices I’m sure he’d flunk.
It’s been reassuring to read that other parents have had similar situations and their kids are on the right path. This too shall pass, right?
Thanks so much for the stories and advice. Can’t begin to tell you all how much it’s helped me!