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I agree with Penny. It sounds like ADHD Fatigue. I wasn’t diagnosed until a few months ago and I’m 25. I originally began my journey searching for reasons as to why I was always so exhausted. They thought it was my thyroids but my health turned out to be in perfect condition and upon further exploration of things that could be effecting me, came the diagnosis of ADHD which explained my exhaustion and TONS of other things about me.
Not sure if you’ll relate but I found out that my exhaustion was due to two ADHD related things.
1. was the fact that I am a crazy sleeper and wake up about 2-4 times a night on average so even though I think I’ve slept a full night, my body was tossing and turning and my brain didn’t get the continuous deep sleep it needed to deem it a “restful” sleep.
The second thing that contributed to my fatigue was a lack of stimulation. I thought that something was very wrong with me when I couldn’t keep my eyes open or my head up during work meetings/at my desk/etc. but it turns out that (in simple terms) I was just incredibly bored/disinterested/under stimulated.
I was constantly exhausted like this for about 5 years. My psychiatrist and I suspect that the reason I did not begin to have problems with fatigue until these past few years was because up until about 5 years ago I was a VERY active individual. I lifted weights every other day and ran for about 45 mins to an hour EVERY day AND had a very active job. Some research has shown that people with ADHD who lead very active lives are able to by pass using medication because working out supplements the dopamine that we can’t produce enough of on our own that we would normally need from medication. Unfortunately, the life I lead now involves a full-time government job while simultaneously working on getting my Masters Degree which means that trying to go for an hour long run every day plus lifting weights every other day hardly fits into my schedule. What has helped me to overcome the fatigue (and lots of other ADHD related problems) is medication. So there are a couple of options I would suggest trying from my experiences.
1. Try incorporating some sort of physical activity or workout for an hour each day
2. see a doctor about getting on some medication.
Like I said, I don’t know how much of my situation you might be able to relate to but I hope that my experiences give you some insight into some possible options that might help you.