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Hi, I’m the mother of a 22-year-old son with ADD inattentive, and I can relate very well to much of what has been written here! It has been a long struggle — and I know there are still big challenges ahead — but my son is on track to graduate from college this year! In all honesty I don’t think higher education was a great fit for him — he has told me more than once that he didn’t want to go to college. But we really didn’t have much choice, because we are US citizens living in France, and once my son turned 18 he no longer had the right to continue living here unless he was enrolled in school. The idea of putting him on a plane to the US to live on his own seemed even worse than struggling through college — and yes, he did struggle, his grades haven’t been great and when he tried going away to the US for college it was a total disaster, he dropped out after a few weeks and never went back. Finally he found a program in international tourism management at a French university, which takes advantage of his good social skills and his gift for foreign languages. He’s about to leave for a work-study program with an international hotel chain in St. Petersburg, Russia. I’m SO SO SO proud of him. And having finished higher education here, he’s eligible for French citizenship, which solves his residency issues.