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FOR MY 6 year old son my psychiatrist has started abilif at night and metthylphenidate 10 mg sr twice a day .he thinks that abilif will reduce violent behaviour liike bitting,hitting in my son and will be okay socially…ABILIF ,i stopped it before some time after his developmental paediatricians advise ….but my son started violence and anger when methylphenidate wears off during afternoon and evening …I WAS suggesting instead of adding abilif ,could we overlap doses of methylphenidate?but the psychiatrist now my son is on abilif again…now during wearing off of methylphenidate anger and crying is still there but violence is decreased. but this is not desired effect i was expecting..i think i should ask him whether he can start methylphenidate and atomoxetine at different time of day to reduce aggressiveness. .

if anyone has experience having combination of both abilif and methylphenidate or methylphenidate and atomoxetine please share…THANK YOU.