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Penny Williams

Only the two of you can find the answer that is right for you. However, I can say that people with ADHD can be easily mentally/emotionally exhausted. Every time he wants to check out, it seems it is prefaced by a somewhat stressful event (yes, vacations can be stressful and/or overwhelming for some people). Often, instead of taking the space and time they need to refresh and move past the mental/emotional exhaustion, they lash out at those around them. He may have learned that this is a possibility and retreats within himself and from others in order to prevent that.

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Maybe you can discuss these situations with him and come to an agreement where you stay together but you give each other lots of space. Almost as if he’s getting a meditative retreat but without pulling away completely. Couples counseling could help as well (as long as the clinician is well-versed in adult ADHD).

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