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Penny Williams

It sounds like you may have tried a checklist but it’s not working for you now? Changing it up might help… are there tasks you can move around into a different order? Can you change the format of your checklist? Or maybe it’s time for more of a quality control checklist — a list you work through after you are finished with routine tasks to check and make sure you completed everything and did it well? Newness is often a motivator of the ADHD brain, so, when newness wears off, attention and motivation wane. You sound very motivated to do well at your job, but you may need to change things up from time to time to help your brain stay engaged.

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I’m also wondering if you can listen to music while you are doing tasks that don’t involve interaction, even if it’s just an earbud in one ear. Rhythm can help with focus tremendously, and music can help tasks feel less mundane. My husband and both my kids have to have music on all the time to focus and such.

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