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My son was diagnosed at 5 years old and we also tried essential oils, magnesium supplements, DHA supplements, etc. No luck in helping to calm his hyperactivity and improve his focus. At 6 years old, he started on Focalin 5mg but that barely touched his focus issue. Doctor bumped him up a week later to 10mg and that was good for awhile but then it’s like his body got used to it and it wasn’t helping anymore. So we bumped him up to 15mg and he was on that for awhile. I still wasn’t completely happy with Focalin as I saw a lot of the rebound effect in him that you mentioned with your daughter. We also saw some anger in him which was a red flag to me. After trying several other medications, we now have him on Vyvanse and it’s just a smoother medicine, in my opinion. There was no rebound effect and it seemed to last longer (with Focalin he was taking a small dose at noon too in order to get through the rest of the school day. With Vyvanse, he doesn’t have to do that). He also seems to not be as ‘stiff’ as he was on Focalin.
It truly is all trial-and-error since there are so many medications and every kid is different in how they’ll handle it. There are methylphenidates, amphetamines, non-stimulants, etc. You just don’t know which is going to be best for your kid until they try it. I will say this though – we did try Adderall (which is an amphetamine) and it gave him insomnia so I thought amphetamines were out of the question for him. But Vyvanse is also in the amphetamine family, and it worked great for him – I think it’s just a different formulation. That’s why you’re going to hear “trial and error” all the time – you have to try a few probably before you find the right one! I hope this helps!

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