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Yeah, it was definitely tough and the teacher just couldn’t spend the time/have the patience with her that my daughter needed (and you seemed to have had similar issues back then and everything you said I can generally see happening to her). For instance, the teacher assessed her as only being able to count to 12 when she could, in fact, count to 100+ and could count by 10’s as well (She can count by 2’s and 5’s, etc, now, and has already mastered everything for Kindergarten). She’s just doing much better at home. About the isolation, our city libraries have homeschooling STEM programs, among other things, and we go to everything that’s age appropriate for her. We’re also part of a couple local homeschooling groups. So, yeah, I’m doing the best I can! Next school year, we’re going to be considering placing her back in public school, but we still haven’t come to a final decision on it.

I mentioned my brother before. Back in the 80’s when we were kids, my small town had no idea how to help a ADHD child maintain control. I remember, one day at school, we heard shouting and everyone in all the classrooms came out to watch my brother being carried literally kicking and screaming by 3 or 4 people because he just lost it. Times have changed and teachers are generally more able to handle those types of situations now, I think, although it’s still not a perfect in schools and probably never will be due to limited staff and budget.