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Dear Mother of a child with ADD,

Our son just turned 9 years old in February, he was diagnosed with ADHD at age 5. We started him on medication when he was almost 6 years old. We emailed his kinder teacher before he started school to ask her what her thoughts were on medications. Her daughter suffered from ADD/bipolar as well so she had experience. After 2 weeks she emailed us stating, “his brain is on rapid fire.” We immediately got him on Focalin 5mg to fit the public schools system needs. He would eat and focus so it was great.
2nd grade we found out his afternoon behavior was violent and impulsive when his Focalin wore off at about 3:30pm. We then increased his dose, making it extended release and it seemed to help for a month. Next, he started being more upset if there was too much light out side and he also started to Zombie out during instruction time (we had stacks of unfinished work). He pulled through and moved on to 3rd grade (only because he was on a 504 program for ADHD diagnosed children.
We got him a psychiatrist who was very afraid of FOCALIN! He had complaints of suicide from patients on this medication. We took him off and switched him to Concerta. His growth rate has suffered the most so we take him off medications during track and summer breaks. So far Concerta is working but I want to try adding Strattera or Wellbutrin because he now at age 9, talking about hating the world and school.

It’s all trial and error. Their brains work differently and proper therapy is better than medications. Finding it is the hard part while trying to live a structured life.