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Awww bless. I was that age too when I got a diagnosis. I struggled a lot in school too. It can be so tough! But please don’t isolate her, as this was done to me in school. Teachers made me sit in the very front of the classroom, under the blackboard (which is usually the detention chair). Also I was placed behind a screen in order to ‘minimise distractions’. Even though they meant well, I usually felt like I was punished. I hated the screen and doodled on it as I hoped that when the screen was completely vandalised and graffitied they would remove it. Which didn’t happen. I went back to my primary school a couple of years ago. The screen was still there, still with my doodles on it. How embarrassing! I was eventually sent to a special needs school for ‘disruptive behaviour’ in class. As I was very intelligent, special needs school didn’t do anything for me. I never learned anything and I became even more disruptive because I was bored all the time. I can only remember the detention room in that school. But yes this all happened in the 1990’s. I’m pretty sure primary schools are far more inclusive nowadays.