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Thanks so much for the lovely responses, girls :-). I’m so happy to read this as I’ve been feeling really alone lately. I’ve had a diagnosis since I was 7 and have always felt so alone. Lately I have been getting into fights with people, because I’m overly emotional and seem to have no control over how I react – even if I try to be diplomatic – once I’m even a little upset about something I sound ‘confrontational’ and even ‘aggressive’. Of course there are positives to this as I’m usually a very enthusiastic and energetic person. But I’m always ‘full on’, which seems to frustrate people more and more over time. I’m really happy more women seem to have this issue. How many of you struggle with self esteem or mental health issues?

I have low self esteem due to childhood bullying and the general shame of constantly being treated as if there is ‘something wrong with me’. I was ‘always naughty’ and I heard a lot of negative things because of my behaviour and have been told off almost every minute of the day. I still feel like I’m being told off all the time. Does anyone identify with this?