Reply To: Generic Adderall


I going to come right out and be blunt. The manufacturers are playing some sort of shell game with the generic adderall.
When I initially went on generic adderall, I noticed this happening every few months and at certain times of the year. Each would work at some point during the year, only to stop working at a future point in time.This is no joke, but it seemed to be “seasonal,” in other words at particular (fiscal?) quarters of the year. I kept detailed notes concerning the brands, the results, the side effects, etc.
After 2 years of tracking the generics effects, each manufacturers adderall at some point in time went to crap. I was on a very low dose and always had some left over each month, which gave me adderall to use in a comparison against the next brand given to me by my pharmacy.I would mark the bottles of the good adderall and save them, then I would store the bad in a box.
When I would get the bad adderall I would notice it immediately because I am not being treated for strictly ADHD. It is being used to treat something entirely different, so it is not my attention span, nor an addiction or tolerance issue. I will not go into detail here because the reason for the prescription is of no real importance. Suffice to say that you can be sure that the generic adderall is never consistent and varies wildly. I would always take some of the previous months adderall to see if it was a tolerance issue developing. It never was. After many months of monitoring the drug makers, I settled on the one generic brand that worked, and it worked on a regular basis.
For the next two years my pharmacist was kind enough to order that brand in just for me. Only once did they accidentally give me the known, bad adderall, and I knew it within a very short time. The pharmacist exchanged it for me.
Out of all the generics that I tried only one was any kind of quality, and it worked every time.
Now, I stopped all medication almost two years ago. I stopped overnight. No real side effects and no addictions. My dosage was so low that I had no problem quitting. This low steady dose worked only if I had the correct generic, and I stayed on the exact same dosage for the entire time that I took adderall. It was just as effective on the last day as the very first time that I took it. The horrible generic brands had been revealed, and thus, a substitute could never be given to me without my detecting it. It was simply that the effect it had,… was exactly as it should have been. 2014-2016, on a 1 specific brand that worked.
Now, lets fast forward to this month. After two years off adderall, I had forgotten that this was such a problem. I have now tried 3 different generic brands, in just this month. The condition being treated is not ADHD, so I do not require an “adjustment period”, like some people do. It either works immediately, or it does not work at all. The side effects always come after several days, if I am to have them. ALL THREE GENERICS FAILED!
The brand that I had previously been taking, in 2016 was Barr brand. They are now owned by Teva. Teva was always one of the ones that I had to stay off of. The 1 time the pharmacy gave me the other generic and it did not work,…it was Teva. Now, 2016 or early 2017, Teva began placing their name on the label like this, Teva/Barr. The Medicine still worked once the label was changed. However, a while later, after everyone had made the “mental adjustment” that the Teva brand now seemed to work, the label they used simply read, Teva. They had gotten rid of the printed Barr portion of the label, And…their adderall was no longer effective. In effect, they were “snagging” the Barr customers and conditioning them to the fact that the adderall still worked in spite of the name change,…and then… BOOM, it did not work.
The 1 darned brand that was reliable (for me)…is no longer available. I am unsure what my doctor is going to do about this, but he is extremely aggravated with the generics. My insurance company was also informed of this problem. They cover only the Teva, but this is very likely to change due them contacting my doctor and getting all the information from him.
Folks, take it for what it is worth from someone who is prescribed adderall for non-ADHD focus, clarity and recall…it is not up to par. This particular concoction would not even appeal to those who would use it for recreation. The side effects within all their configurations were miserable, to say the least. Maybe that is the point, or it could be purely financial gain. Seemingly, it would cost considerably less to leave out active ingredients and replace it with fillers.
The pharmacy blamed the adderall “shortage” for the generics poor performance. As if a shortage gives the manufacturer the right to sell us defective drugs. In addition, this so called shortage has been going on for years……………..Search it.
The generics seem to be an extremely watered down version of adderall. Ones that have many miserable and differing side effects, with no real effectiveness. So pull out your cash, step right up, and PICK YOUR POISON.