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Yes I feel your pain…. smjimenez my life has been the same. Its extremely hard to associate with anybody… especially if its in a social setting! my mind gets filled with all these negative scenarios keeps me from talking to anybody and when I get passed that initial “discomfort” new reasons to feel uncomfortable pop in my mind. Its like my mind is sabotaging any chance I get to relate to another human being. It really does suck though when you feel alienated from your family. I know I love them and they love me but we are so strained, I think its due to the fact that when my emotions get “out of whack” they are the people that get the front row seat to my meltdowns and its not a pretty sight. And then when my emotions are stable, nobody is on the same page. because Im a (undiagnosed) momma of 4 and 2 of my kids have been diagnosed with adhd, I’m beginning to feel that I will NEVER be able to live the life I want and have the type of relationships WE ALL NEED as human beings to… well…feel human.