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The whole gift that made her angry, was indeed about her planning, executing, organizing things. I messed her up. She also admitted she was wrong about the something she told me I could do. Thank you for that.

I hope, that this conversation I had with her, has not ruined our freindship. She admitted to all the problem she has, overworked, time management issues, communication issues. That’s when I told her I was trying to understand her problems, by researching what ADHD is to her. She was surprised, and asked why. I said so it makes understanding her easier for me to communicate correctly, and effectively.

Am I going about this all wrong? I do love her a great deal, and if a relationship happens great. If not I still want her to part of my life as she has been. After talking to several freinds, my instincts tell me that she is scared, scared to be loved, scared to love. Scared to show how flawed she is, in her own perception. I don’t know how to communicate it, that regardless of her issues, I accept her for whom she is, not what she perceives herself to be. Is there a way to say it to not make it sound like a boyfriend thing.

Anybody been in this boat.