Reply To: Teen admittedly quit trying at school


Thanks so much for your post. I keep trying. Right now he is so adamant that “it’s” not going to happen (high school diploma). So I am constantly researching trying to find a program that might appeal to him. I believe GED is best simply because he is all about “time”. I have heard so many times “How long will it take, I don’t want to waste my time”. I have just heard the HiSET exam is now available in our area, which kiddos with learning disabilities seem to perform better on than the traditional GED test. Now I just need a motivation genius/expert to tell me how to reel him back to practice, review, practice test, and the actual test.

I haven’t given up hope, I just don’t want it to be 10 years down the road when he realized he needs it. I rather him complete it now while some concepts are still in his brain and retaining new information will be easier (than 10 years down the road).

Thanks Again,