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I am gonna be honest I thought that maybe I should not have posted this because it was more me venting then offering any support or solution. I read your response right as I was leaving the house to go to my home group. Thank you so very much. I relate to so much of what you said.
Well articulated the one day at a time/instant gratification of having small goals that help you reach the larger goals. (I have gotten into triathlons with the hope of doing an Ironman in a few years and doing a marathon this year)
Yes the doing the right thing even if you don’t feel like it. I despised the ‘fake it till you make it’ but I now really like it.
All of what you said was great and it really capped my day.
I will also that once I viewed my ADHD and addiction together and treated them similarly things really changed. I will never be able to beat alcoholism or ADHD and they will be with me for my entire life. Both will kill me. What I can do it seek help and try to manage them (please excuse the use of management in relation to unmanageable issues). Sobriety and addressing my ADHD are not the best things I will ever do but they are the most important.