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I appreciate this post because I question the robustness of neuropsychiatric eval/test&measures, and how subsequent diagnoses are made. I understand the basic principles of human body systems, and layering environmental factors on top of their interrelatedness makes it easy for a skeptic like me to wonder about neuro deficits/differences being ‘cureable’ vs. unmodifiable. I speak only for myself of course, but I question whether or not I actually have a disability due to ADHD. At times, attempts to reconcile my churning mind, emotional intensity, lack of focus, and extreme disorganization exacerbate my imposter syndrome: I must just be immature, undisciplined, and defiant. Other times, I accept my deficits and acknowledge them as reasons (vs. excuses) to work extra hard and be vigilant about symptom management (much as one’s 12-step recovery is contingent upon them maintaining fit spiritual condition). I’ve struggled with anxiety, bulimia, and low self-image for the majority of my life. I believe I am successful in taking responsibility for those difficulties, so why is it so hard to do the same with ADHD ?