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Funny, I actually was getting into self-pity and hopelessness today (part of it was a medication change that probably making my perspective off, and thankfully I see that so I don’t obsess over it and just keep taking good actions to manage my adhd. I’m also a recovering alcoholic, I have very very extreme ADHD esp with hyperactivity. I view my adhd like I view my alcoholism. I have it, I can’t wish or will it away, I just have to rely on God and be active in my treatment. There are going to be people who don’t get adhd or even believe it’s real, just like fete are people who think alcoholics are just bad moral people or whatever. But guess what, I don’t have to convince them about either. I know, god knows. And that’s really what matters. If I feel alone that’s my fault now, bc I know I’m not alone unless I choose to be. One thing that helped me with my organization (oh my you guys I was pathetic with every adhd issue bahaha) was just realizing I could still do the right thing, even if I didn’t feel like it!! I treated it like an experiment: ok, my way doesn’t work, so I’m gonna try suggestions like reminders, getting in a routine, therapy, coach, EXERCISE (devoted long distance runner and yogi), meditation(yes my brain races fast, I used that as an excuse to say I couldn’t do it, but I wasn’t even trying back then)..and do these things whether I think they will work or not!!! What do I have to lose?! And little improvements of taking action add up!!!! I like instant gratification, and my way of obtaining long term improvement is to find instant pleasures (it a better word; gratitude) with each step towards that goal!!! Training got a marathon? Well what did I get out of today’s run, so that will motivate to do tomorrow’s!! I do have bad days, like today…prob the med (on concert, focalin was MUCH smoother just not enough coverage, but that god for a great doc!!)—but I’m not using that to excuse bad behavior, just to remind me that this too will pass, and that I don’t have to read into it. I like the phrase: you can’t think your way into right actions, but you take action to get right thinking! Our similarities in comorbid issues reminded me to take on the same perspective. I just checked my email and this popped up. I should get on here more just to see I’m not this crazy unique helpless person, there are others too and we can share what’s helped us so maybe it’ll help someone else !!