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I have it as well! Most days I can get by. Hyperfocus gets in the way sometimes, other times I find it to be a godsend! Perception has been the hardest thing to deal with for me. It like hearing someone’s feelings through their tone of their voice and the person have no idea what it the world am I even talking or freaking out about. You know.. “Its in the tone of your voice” deal. I perceive something completely different with the sound/tone mixed in with their body language. I get insulted easily and it takes all of me to not lash out in the biggest dramatic way possible! I get emotionally intense.
Im even know to run all day doing a zillion things and never getting anything done! I really have to hone myself in to accomplish a simple task at home. The daydream thing.. that’s an everyday thing to keep myself from getting too stressed out by everyday events. Other times I am so energetic I would have a dozen things done and still have energy left to go out for a very long hike!
Been doing a lot of research myself and like you it is an “either/or deal”. I would suggest to look at the youtube channel “How to ADHD”.. found her to be very useful for information on our type of condition. I say check her out.