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RSD never lets go but it bites me so seldom now i hardly remember those seven policemen who attacked me cuz i got out of my car a year ago last christmas at a check stop. Smashing my glasses, and tearing my coat apart slamming me into the pavement and kneeling on my neck so that my face was planted into the ice and gravel grit of a dimly lit parking lot. Dressed in hiway signalmans garb they should have used to Guide me to where i was to go instead of camoflaging that they were police. I might not have Tongue lashed them. And they might have kept the handcuffs in their pocket. It did occur to me that as i was waiting for urgent open heart surgery that this might not be the most acceptable exercise regime. After ordering an ambulance that i had to pay for they profusely apologized and drove me home. Something about the maximum positive driving credits and no record of ever being pulled over and no convictions and taking meds that would have made me violently ill if i had been consuming alchohol. Their whole beef was that i got out of the car..and verbally told them what i thought of their sloppy organization. 5 years in the airborne is excellent training for reaming idiots out. . this was a check stop in the city and in my mind it involved going into an office or trailer for a sobriety test. I am sure that a 73 year old male who could barely walk was a physical threat to a gang of 7 of them.
The result was 4 days later i fell leaving my chair and could not get up . It took me twenty minutes to inch myself backwards to the couch and phone. Instructed to take a cab to the hospital I made it to my car and drove. For the next 5 nights i attended that emergency dept for a two to four hour IVIG transfusion They actually wanted me to check into the hospital. Because of this I am no longer able to have a flu vaccine shot. A few weeks later i received my first call to check in for open heart surgery. It had to be delayed because of the transfusion.
The police asked what caused my reaction and to totally uninformed ears i said ADHD. They were quick to deny that this had anything to do with it.
PS I was on my way to the Xmas choral party…. and my Lawyer, husband of one of the Sopranos also attended. He tried to convince me to seek attonement but i declined. The police commission was actually looking for examples like this so they could improve citizen relations. Because (cuz) of my RSD i gave them the benefit of the doubt and chalked it up to experience. However that is one of only 2 instances in the last 5 years since i started ven la faxine.
That and the fact i was the youngest in a very large family seldom ever left me with the feeling of not fitting in. Give or take my first wife (of 3 wives) of 30 years who hated my family and treated them so.

So yes RSD doesnt let go and the constabulary are not the ideal candidates for a demonstration. About the only thing worse is a 19 year old lieutenant in the armed forces on exercises 55 years ago. After pulling 48 non stop hours of duty making sure my highly inebriated CO could find his way back to his quarters all night, i just get to sleep when someone yells at me to camofage my vehicle. Zzzzzzand then this teenager is standing there yelling at me to get up and get it done or I will be another casualty of his hangover. For a moment i thought of going back to sleep until i remembered that he was a teen and an officer with a gun which he was taking out of its holster. A tiny voice thought, Perhaps he was just nuts enough to do it.
Two other incidents in the last 8 years that I recall the last one costing me $379.00 for damage to a garage door.