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RSD is stupid. Its an excuse and its a reason people use to continue to play the victim.
But I get it. I am afraid of rejection and the shame of being rejected haunted me for years. It controlled me and beat me. Self pity is a drug and it’s my drug of choice. But if define yourself by your rejections than you are doomed.
You wanna get better? Own your shit. Take control of your life. If your afraid of being rejected you need to toughen up. People are rejecting you for a reason. Maybe your too loud, hyperactive, bad at your job, or you blame everyone. Listen to what people are saying. They are trying to help you. Become good at accepting criticism. Surround yourself with people that tell you what you need to hear not people that will treat you like a child and tell you what you want to hear.
You can’t change people liking you or not. So you have to like yourself. Love yourself and do what you want to do. Live your best life.
Stop staying you have RSD and being a victim. Starting taking responsibility and be a hero.