Reply To: Just the Facts Jack


No, he does not have an autism diagnosis. Only a diagnosis for ADHD – combined type and an anxiety disorder. However, as the years progress (especially this past year) the signs of autism are becoming more noticeable (if that makes any sense). He turns 11 next month.

After the meeting, I had a talk with my son and set a couple social rules. One was that when he finishes his math work super fast, instead of saying how easy the work is he ask his shoulder buddy if they need any help. If they say yes, then provide help. If they say no, then journal. We discussed how talking about how easy an assignment is or how bored we are with an assignment can make another person feel bad when they are struggling with the same assignment (which is what he was doing in class).

Since throwing too many rules at him at once seems to overwhelm him, I think we’ll work on this one for a little while, then move on to conversations. In the meantime, I’ve started researching health professionals in our area that are covered by our insurance that might be able to give me more guidance.