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I’ve only been diagnosed at the ripe old age of 31. Many problems growing up typical of the adhd brain it seems, homelessness, drugs, drink, various scraps my adolescent years in care… I wonder what my life may have been with a diagnosis when I was younger, sure would have explained my explosive nature!
Now at 31 I’m a single parent struggling to study for a social work degree where my distraction and intense emotions are still not under wraps! I’m 300 miles from my hometown and feel so lonely, I can’t make friends easily as I too feel like a foreigner, an imposter just waiting to be caught out! I’m very open about my diagnosis but people tend to take a step back from my self loathing and don’t know how to deal with my crazy emotions!
There is always a fire to put out, I’m always having to survive and I don’t want to anymore… I want to live, to thrive and to be happy.