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I have ADD. Even if they decided to change the words, I don’t have the hyperactivity. As a woman it has been my experience that “boys” can’t handle strong woman unless they learn it’s a benefit to be equal. It didn’t take me until I was 52 to know that. I knew when I was 7. And they did whine emotionally. The AD part is consistent with executive disfunction playing a huge part for me. Clue “for me”. Let’s tell the girls like me it’s not only ok but AWESOME to excel at the gifts of AD…. AD whatevers are strong. Resilient and don’t fit in neurotypical’s box of norm. I was a mechanic by the age of 12. Rode motorcycle, operated various heavy equipment, built houses, owned a concrete co. Drove truck and yes, made the boys whine emotionally. Not a gender issue around me. I didn’t know I was just a girl. It never dawned on me I couldn’t do those things and I was confused by the emotional boys behaviour. Let’s treat the girl intelegently and give her a choice. Support her through tough decision. Respect where others have not. 52 with 3 learning disabilities and anxiety, thank you.

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