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Eric Swanson

Don’t discard RSD so easily or think of it as something secondary. Seriously that has the potential to bite you in the butt if you are not mindful. Ok sometimes it will even if you are being mindful. The good news about it is that it is straight up and doesn’t hide like our ADHD symptoms might.

So we have a fighting chance. So much of ADHD varies from person to person but RSD is right there standing tall so what do we do? Of course we work around it. It’s who we are. But we do not need to be that.

Discover who you are, not defined by what or how you avoid, but by what you embrace.

Not everyone will listen nor care. We don’t need to be concerned with that. We truly need to hold true to ourselves and call it a good day.

As for the rest of the static and all the chatter going on in the background. Let them eat cake. Those won’t go away, if we are mindful to them, we can see what the distraction is and realize it for simply what it is, that all nothing more.

Smile cause you have been down this road before!!!