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I grew up with 5 brothers and I always thought I would be more social if I had sisters, more feelings stuff. One thing to watch for is that they recently eliminated ADD as a valid diagnosis by the people that decide those things. As best I can tell they are implying that there is always a hyperactive component to some extent. Now I am guessing but I think it was because they were missing the way hyperactivity can display in girls. (not always like the boys) Mostly more emotional than physical and can look just like anxiety or something else that may not have been as recognizable as hyperactivity.Tell your daughter I waited until I was 60 to go to therapy to learn what adhd people have to learn to succeed. That whole thing about”needing to be fixed” is true and sometimes you have to forcefully inform her that therapy does not work if you don’t go. And yes, you have to try. I wish you both the best.