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Thanks to everyone for their insightful posts. I had a related question, but slightly different than the original post. I am raising a 12 year old daughter with ADD. She has learning disorders in addition to a social skills disorder. She is the youngest of three girls, and her older siblings do not share in any of her struggles. I witness the tension daily between my girls. The one with ADD is frequently misunderstood – her comments often offend, frustrate, etc. Her impulsivity affects all of us in different ways.

I had my older girls research ADHD and build their own knowledge. Although they are teenagers, I expect them to make better choices in the words and tone they use.

I fear that in 10-20 years, we will be facing a similar situation of strained relationships. I don’t want my girls to miss out on the joy of family and I want to have a close relationship with all of them. She is already taking meds for ADD as well as mood disorder. That has helped. We also moved her to a private school that specializes in kids with ADD/ADHD and learning disorders. She is slowly rebuilding her confidence after too many brutal years in public school. We’ve tried therapy (her alone, also with parents) and she is unwilling to participate – too many years already of feeling like she needs to be “fixed”.

So for those of you who are now adults with ADD, what else should I be doing to keep my youngest close, and help her build tight bonds with her family? Or conversely, help my other daughters understand their little sister and love her regardless of her words/actions? Thanks in advance for your responses.