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Mattcolo it does come to an end but it may take a long time. In my 70 s before i knew why i had those feelings. I was lucky enough to be in a job that i loved and afforded me the opportunities to escape when i needed to, whenever i was overwhelmed with feelings you have identified. Also luckily staff made sure and did my detailed work, that i was on time, and properly equipped to carry out my consulting work for maNy different employers. It does make the condition easier, but retirement brought out the worst of the.Condition. Not to mention that Snapping at people is why i had to retire.
A bout of major depression thankfully diagnosed and treated successfully and a Diagnosis of ADHD has been an eyeopener for me not only to expalin my peccadillos as i now call them but also to fiNally accept them as the part that makes me unique in a good way. I can now show up late for some of the events i attend(most) and recognize the issue, promise myself it will improve, and laugh that i did that the last time. It is who I am just like the artificial knee, new heart valve and the scars from 25 year old head and neck cancer surgery (Successful) Now if I could only keep my promise to be more active and walk those malls in this winter weather. Now there is something that is also me like the promise to cleanup the paper mess of my apartment… i did mail my Drug claim info (2 years old) this month and that is definitely worth celebrating. And maybe thats the point we need to celebrate the successes more and pat yourself far more often. You deserve it.

PS joining two more choral groups after finding out about it achieved the goal of feeling much better about myself,Free dopamine 4 to 5 times a week from music and literally 100 new choristers to socialize with and that is an important part of music. The second advantage is that musical people are also unique and have many unsual characteristics. I barely stand out and there are many who arrive after me.