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I know how you feel. Welcome to the world of people who do not feel they fit in and it is a big world.Try to find other “foreigners” just like you. There are millions in this big world of ours.

I struggled daily with stinking thinking, feeling like a foreigner. Thank goodness I subscribed to Additude’s newletters. I thank God for Additude’s website, I have learned so much.

Going to mental health counseling is very beneficial as well.

My ADHD brain has provided me with a vivid imagination, unusual ideas and hobbies most find boring. I am no longer offended when I am told I am eccentric. I choose to think others are the foreigners.

I did not realize I had an ADHD brain until I was 46 years old and had made a lot of huge mistakes. When my son turned three, I realized he had learning problems and I started reading about ADHD, all of the co-morbid disorders, sensory integration, and the like. I learn something new about myself all of the time. If it were not for my son, I would have never sought treatment for myself, nor would I have been able to understand my son and fight for his rights in school. I have been able to help so many people over the past 16 years, including teachers, understand how to work with the ADHD brain.

At the biological age 62, I have a mind that works like a 30 year old. After 42 years of working in a demanding, high risk, environment where I was not appreciated or acknowledged for dedication, discoveries, and hard work, I quit as soon as I was eligible to retire.

For six months, I have been trying to adjust to a world I really know nothing about. I know there are “foreigners” just like me who are looking for a “foreigner” just like them. Together, we will be “normal”.