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ADD Coach Candace

Well the good news is that the rule of 3, (which includes taking 3 times longer for us to complete EVERYTHING), “grows” with us, although we adults of the ADHD persuasion tend to be “young at heart” most of our lives. :> Meaning that when kids hit 30, it’s like they’re in their early 20’s, tackling what young adults of that age take on.

My kids lived at home until their late 20’s, but within a couple years of leaving home they left us in the dust with their accomplishments. The trick is to keep their self esteem intact while providing a safe, non-judgmental harbour, with supports where asked for.

More good news, when someone earns a degree, nobody says, “Yah but how many courses did you take at one time to GET that degree, huh!?”
Truth is, 2 or 3 courses at a time is often an ideal load for students with ADHD.