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Hello all, I’m reading this and I agree with mhorst6320. My 9 year old girl has ADHD and Asperger Syndrome, diagnoses 14 months ago. She already agonises about the future as an adult and I then worry for her. When she sold enough I will pass this website onto her for real support. We all have our life problems, obsessions, passions and feelings..or lack there of, but hers are so intense and all consuming as you all so eloquently described. It helps someone like me to grasp where you are coming from, in the hope I can help during difficult times. I’m sorry foreigner, that you don’t feel a right fit, but I can assure you, from my point of view, those that love you will NEVER Stop trying to understand…because we love you so much. We do. So always know that we are trying hard to help you, help each other fit in and (this is important) my daughters ways are as valid as my ways- I’m always looking to melt into her life as much as she does mine. Ain’t none of us Perfect so there’s no hill for anyone to climb. Maybe soon we will all meet in the middle and just…breathe. Love to all and I wish you all a smoother journey. Thanks for your valuable insights x