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I see so much of myself in your post. I was watching relative’s kids excelling and feeling sad that my kid isn’t on that path. We looked at four year schools, but then his school counselors (great people in a huge high school) told me that they thought he would be too lonely if he went away to school. He enrolled in community college and got an Associates’ Degree. Then he went away to a four year school. The first year went okay…but half way through the second year he just cratered. He told us later that he just didn’t want to be there. He came home, got a retail job and has been working for the last eight months. The best part of this change period? He is upbeat. He smiles. We ask him to share his experiences in the store when he comes home. He is gaining confidence and that’s a wonderful thing. I was hoping he would go back and finish school next fall. Lately, I’ve decided that we shouldn’t push him into that. As noted by others in this thread, he’ll do better when he makes the decision to go back. He also won’t waste time in a major that isn’t necessarily the one he wants. So many people these days finish one degree, work for a while, then go back for another degree to do what they really want to. He is just going through that process earlier than some do. It will save on education costs in the long run.