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Yes… This was me 10 years ago. I’m now in my late twenties and am a IT security engineer… I’d say its possible for kids with adhd to be successful adults, in my case, it just took a few years longer to work it out. Just encourage your son and let him know that the pressure he feels to grow up is natural, but for people with adhd, we just need more guidance, time, and support. Don’t worry…there is a difference between babying your son and supporting him. In my case, my parents were too screwed up to get me the help I needed, so I had no choice but to figure it all out on my own. Your son is lucky to have you. Community college is not just cheaper, but really good for adhd kids to gradually get used to more responsibility. Also encourage him to take unpaid internships if you guys can afford to supplement the money from the grocery store job. The key with the internship is it should be in line with what he thinks he will be good at and see himself doing for a living. In my case, that was with computers. The thing thats going to help your son here is confidence. Living with ADHD is a confidence killer unless you ave outlets that you can literally see how awesome you are or can be. Help him find his way in this world as an adult. The school system sucks at doing that so you end up graduating with no plan. Hes going to be fine honestly. He just needs some confidence and to know sincerely that you are not judging him, you believe in him, you are on his aide, and that you understand that his adhd makes his path into adulthood a little longer and thats totally fine. In fact, if I’m going to be honest, my adhd is still hard for me at times but somehow ive managed to out earn and out work most of my peers from highschool. Go figure. Make the difference for him and then watch him soar.