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Hi Funky – I get it. You’re not nuts and you’re not imagining things. I’ve been were you’re at and am where you’re at. One thing I can tell you is that some of the other posters are right in recommending counseling. If that’s workable, please look into it. You have all these worries, stressors, relationship issues swirling around and that makes for an even bigger potential powder keg of emotions and reactions. Try to sort it out before you act or react to some of these family issues going on. If your kids want to go on a trip or spend time with the extended family – then let them. You need to focus on you right now and deal with one thing at a time. If you’re concerned about your mother, then spend time or find a way to get together or make a trip to see her “one on one” without the dynamics of all these other people around. If it’s your kids, again focus on one on one time – make small steps and meet or get together individually. You can’t solve everything at once and not everything is going to just be “fine” right away. Get proper diagnosis, counseling, perhaps medications and move forward on your own terms. I know from my own experience, that everything seems really amplified or crisis like, including relationships, and when I am in that cycle it isn’t good… Get diagnosed, get some direction and worry about yourself. The rest will come around, including your kids. Hugs and all good thoughts…