Reply To: Teen admittedly quit trying at school


I too am looking for an answer. My son is 17 quit high school and recently quit GED. Said he is not smart enough to obtain a high school diploma because he reads at a 6th grade level. My son has add inattentive, dyslexia and I suspect dysgraphia and anxiety. He cant take prescription meds, we tried those back in 6th grade and they do not agree with him. I too am looking for some way to help him obtain a high school diploma. He won’t sit through 5-6 hours a day of online school. Since he doesn’t believe in himself he’s convinced it won’t happen. He won’t go to therapy. If anyone has any suggestions, I am open. I keep getting asked “Is he motivated to do school” After 5 years of fighting with the school district to try and come up with solutions he is just done with school. The school tagged him as emotional on his IEP because they claim he does not test for learning disabilities. Which I find hard to believe. The school also said he refuses to work. However the dyslexia diagnosis we just found out after he had had quit high school.