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My oldest had some of the same issues. He was a total homebody. He went to a sleepover birthday. He was so upset he got sick and I had to pick him up. He was only three houses away. He didn’t want his drivers license. Finally talked him into it at 17. He didn’t want to go away to school, but he did go to community college. He was very smart but hated school. He was working for me before he left for the first time at 22. He is 28 now and on his second enlistment as a marine. Be supportive and understanding.
I have read so many things that talk about the delayed maturity with ADHD and it is absolutely true. My grandmother, father, myself, brothers and all three sons have ADHD and have all been on a delayed flight path. Because I have recognized it in myself and taken steps, my youngest will be the biggest beneficiary. But I knew that we were different and helped pass on my coping skills.