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Penny Williams

It sounds like the smoking was some self-medication and may have been kind of supplementing the medication. Of course, not smoking anymore is absolutely the best choice. 😉

It does sound like you do well on methylphenidate-based stimulants, but Contempla simply may not be the right medication for you. Keep in close contact with your doctor on the positives and negatives. At some point, if the benefits just aren’t adequate, you may need to try a different medication again.

The manufacturers give both Concerta and Contempla a possible duration of 12 hours. It sounds like Contempla’s time-release mechanism may not be as smooth, since you’re noticing bursts and then wearing off way too soon. Dr. Charles Parker has some interesting insights on what could be causing medication not to last long enough in some individuals, outlined in this article:

Is Burn Rate Making Your ADHD Medications Less Effective?

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