Reply To: Teen admittedly quit trying at school

Penny Williams

Update: My son is now doing half-days of school in person, during the mornings. He is taking all 4 core classes in person (they are on an A-day, B-day schedule). He is doing PE at home in the afternoons (he has to do 30 minutes of exercise every day and we will submit a log to the school at the end of each 9 weeks). His other afternoon was academic support (special ed guided study hall of sorts) – he just won’t get a credit for that class second semester.

He is such a HAPPIER kid. Yes, I’m sure some of that is that any kid would be happy to not be in school all day. But, the big thing is that he’s not in that environment long enough to get agitated and enraged. Before, he was flaming mad every day when I picked him up at the end of the school day. Now, when I pick him up after half the school day, he is happy, almost jovial. And he’s happy all day long.

He comes home and immediately does his exercise, all homework, and reads a chapter of a book (he doesn’t read much of anything except what they read aloud together in English class, so I made this a condition of him having half-days at school). He doesn’t complain or try to negotiate or procrastinate on any of it — a complete 180! And, he still gets all that done before the school day is over for everyone.

At first, I felt like this arrangement was giving up on school for him. But, I’m so glad I didn’t let that prevent us from trying this. We’re only 3 days in, but it’s a monumentally positive change! 🙂

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