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Donsense: Thanks for your detailed description of your ADD issues, and I had to laugh because I think we can all identify with your issues. It sounds like you’ve been recently diagnosed. Have you thought about coaching? Meds can only do so much, but should be helpful in aiding you to create some new habits. It takes time, and you need to work on just changing one habit at a time, and be accountable to someone, preferably a coach.
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I’m in my 70s, not diagnosed until my mid 50s. I’ve slowly (very slowly!) developed some habits and found tools that help me. Examples: Online banking, such a lifesaver in that I now pay all my regular bills the first of the month (when SS and pension checks come in), don’t have to go searching for envelopes and stamps, and can also see my bank balance at any time of the day or night. 10 years ago I had student loan debt, late charges galore, finances were a mess.
I hired a house cleaner, finally admitting that I am not capable of keeping up my house after 30 plus years of trying.
I use my Iphone for reminders for everything, even TV shows that I want to watch. I also save information that I may need (example: a list of my meds to give to any doctor’s appointment is stored in my phone). I put sticky notes on my door in the evening to remind me of what I need to take with me in the morning. Eyeglasses: I have extra drug store glasses stored in my house in a drawer, and a couple of pairs in my car.
I’ve also found that meditation and simplifying my life are important. I have a meditation ap on my phone, and try to remember to do a short 5 or 10 minute meditation in the A.M. And just living simply, slowly getting rid of clutter a few pieces at a time, trying to become very lean in terms of belongings.
Is my life perfect? No way, I procrastinate badly and still forget things, have trouble with unstructured time now that I’m retired. But like to think I’m a work in progress and still try to develop some new strategies to stay on track.
Oh, and exercise…when I remember to go to Planet Fitness or take a walk when weather is good. Still working on getting myself to regularly exercise, but it’s so easy to talk myself out of it. Which is silly because I feel so much better afterwards.