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mbfunkytreasures, after all I read about misdiagnosis I was very hesitant about seeing a doctor. I finally bit the bullet and, it was a disaster. In a nutshell, since I’m 58, know how to use a calendar app and am not addicted, I can’t possibly be ADHD. The problem is they’re using obsolete information about what ADHD is. If your insurance will pay for it I’d keep looking for a doctor. I would but the cost is really high for me. Instead I went to a CHADD meeting. At the end, when the adults with ADHD got together and talked in a circle, it was a huge relief. They all seemed perfectly normal and yet had plenty of stories that I could relate to. I could see how every one of them could get misdiagnosed. But they didn’t. It felt really good knowing it wasn’t just me. Previously I had tried explaining this to my wife and she didn’t believe me. She wondered if I was maybe depressed. After I came back from the CHADD meeting she could see I really had met a group that all had the same stories. It’s an hour drive to the CHADD meeting but I’ll be going back.

Since I’ve been a teenager I’ve known I will get depressed if I don’t exercise regularly. I can feel it coming. Eventually something will set it off. It’s not like it just shows up on it’s own. I just get angrier and then someone says something and I take it personally and crash. The good news is I go for a long hike and the sun comes out. Unfortunately it isn’t as simple as just exercise every other day. Now that I know what’s going on it’s a bit better. I’m never going to be the calm guy sitting on top of the mountain. I do need to find plenty of activities I can get passionate about.

I struggled with dyslexia as a kid. When my daughter showed signs of it I went to bat for her. The response from the schools was useless. I went and found someone that understood it. The teachers are not getting recent information. So my guess is your daughter is using what she’s been taught. I know this is easy for me to say but she’s just saying what she’s heard. I can also add that my daughter is likely ADHD (my son is not) and she’s more on egg shells than I am. If I say the wrong thing to her when she’s stressed out then she can say some hurtful things.

I got a used copy of the book “Is it you, me, or ADD.” Maybe it will help. There does seem to be numerous books on the subject.

I hope my ramblings help as well. One last ramble: I do know that, since I get more emotional than most people, my emotions can also go in a good way and much stronger than most people. There’s a place my emotions can go that is warm, wonderful and full of love. If you have such a place, maybe a memory of holding a sleeping child, try going there once in a while. My point is that there are also some benefits to this thing and you may as well take advantage of them.