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Thanks for the comments I am looking for a doctor, I have been skittish about finding one who really knows about adult ADHD. I have seen a therapist before and they were clueless to ADHD. I do take anti-depression meds but have always felt it wasn’t quite right. Brandikball I do take responsibility for my actions and totally understand what you are saying. At this point, I am trying to just be supported of my kids. I don’t put them in the middle. I basically grin and smile and hope one day they will understand. It is just so hard to maintain that smile and act like everything is great when inside I feel so broke. Mattcolo I have been looking for a good book that might give them a better understanding if they were willing to read it. The irony in all this I see Adhd in all three of my kids. They are all smarter them me and did well in school. My son had some issue in college but is doing well now he is in the air force and I think that environment works well for him. He has a very busy brain, always starting projects and taking on new things not always finishing them lol. My middle one is a teacher so she thinks she knows everything about ADHD and I am just crazy hahaa, looking back she didn’t have a lot of friends and is very introverted. My youngest is wide open she is always bouncing around and she married a man with Adhd so you can imagine. I also see signs in my niece her anxiety levels are above normal she was so stressed out about going to a friends birthday she about had a meltdown. My nephew has been diagnosed with a mood disorder but I see so many signs of ADHD and have read this to be a common miss diagnosis. I guess I want to help so they don’t have to go thru what I have been thru. It is frustrating to see someone struggle and not be able to help. I am still trying to figure things out I appreciate the feedback I am trying to focus on building a life and making connections and I hope they come around. I still need to find a way to spend a week at the beach grinning and smiling!