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Let me ask you a question. Would you ever judge someone with a cast and crutches for not walking fast enough? Would you call them an unreliable slowpoke? I mean there are lots of people out there without casts and crutches who can just walk a lot faster! I don’t think you would, because you know that this person didn’t ask to break their leg!

So why would you judge someone with ADHD? The difference is that a cast on a leg and two crutches are things you can see. Things that are visible. Also, it probably must hurt and therefore it’s easier for the person with the broken leg to be a lot nicer to themselves. However, ADHD is an invisible condition and so it is much easier to judge by anyone including oneself. To simply classify it under negative personality traits such as flaky, stupid, unreliable, bad parent, etc. However, what it actually is is an under connectivity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain (the frontal area), which regulates working memory, executive functioning and planning. Things people with ADHD all struggle with.

Trust me, I feel like this all the time! Luckily I happen to have a very supportive boss who is aware of my ADHD. She knows I have difficulties with executive functioning and working memory, and that I sometimes happen to forget things like that. I know I should write everything down, but sometimes I forget that too! It might be good to just have a little private meeting with your boss in which you tell him/her this. They will never judge you as ‘flaky’ if they know it’s you not being ‘flaky’ but a serious brain condition. If you’re afraid they will see you as flaky or unreliable, just make it visible and make people understand, just like they would the person with the cast.

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