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Hi! ADHD and autism often co-occur together. I understand the confusion around ASD as it’s a spectrum condition, so it basically occurs at all different levels. Some people with ASD are severely disabled, non-verbal and are unable to live independently, whereas others have university degrees and are extremely successful. Although Asperger Syndrome is used to describe the higher functioning type of autism (normal to high IQ and no speech and language delay), it formally no longer exists. The DSM-5 wants to classify every type of ASD as ASD now. Although it’s still used on a daily basis, mainly by people with a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome who created the pride term ‘aspies’ for themselves (which I personally think sounds really lame. That’d be like calling people with Down Syndrome ‘downies’, which nobody would ever dare to do).

As both a clinician (working in clinical psychology) and a person with a combined childhood diagnosis of ASD and ADHD, it’s hard to take sides. I see why it’s easier to just get rid of all the separate names for subtypes of ASD and just classify it all under one name (as a lot of people seem to be confused about the differences between Asperger Syndrome and ASD), I also see how a lot of those proud ‘aspies’ are kind of frustrated ad to them it feels like a loss of identity.