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Thank you for your response!! Dang, while it’s super comforting to know I’m not the only one curious, I’m still sorry to hear you’ve lost benefits that way.

I’ve done a bit more digging while waiting for my next appointment but haven’t found much:

My best friend just finished a capstone project on menopause for her nursing degree — one of it’s focuses was psychological symptoms and how/why they can be eased with hormonal birth control (among other things). When I talked to her about this her interest was piqued so she looked through the databases she has access to. Unfortunately, the only thing she found was a note saying “a study should be done”…

For her presentation my friend spent a lot of time with a women’s health clinician who was really knowledgeable on the subject though and wants to put me in touch. Not sure how familiar she is with ADHD but I’d still be interested to hear what she has to say on ovarian hormones. If I get the chance to speak with her, I’ll relay her opinion 🙂