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Well. It has been interesting. She has helped me in the past year being supportive for me and to me. I dont want to go into great deal of info but my life changed so dramatically it was a hard year. She was there for me. Just as i have been for her.

Well Monday I got awesome news and a change in my life for the positive. Im working on a new career and moving foward. I had been steadily employed for 14 yrs with one employer and was looking to retire. It got political and i was let go in a very ugly way.

She helped me work the new way of thinking with another job preparation. She has been there in the darkest times.

Well she was 2nd person I told. My mentor was 1st. She was so very happy but she was also sick. In the conversation I broke down I told her she had no idea how much she meant to me. She said she does, i told her she didnt. I told her i love her so very much. She was hugging me and she was hugging me hard when i said that. I said it louder and she said “i know you do”.

My actions have been clear. I like spending time
with her and enjoy her company. She knows now i love her and i know she loves me. She has gotten sicker and i helped her while she was sick. So i assume all is good. We are a little more relaxed. But she is very independent and my offers to continue to help seem to fall on the ground. She let me come to help and did. Back again to the on off thing.

I am happy she called me. But i cant tell if we are in a relationship or not. We do things once in awhile like couple. Then nothing and like a separate deal comes. Sigh!

Slow is the game. But at least she knows the anxiety is lessened for me.